Power of positive mindset

Nothing can compare with a positive mindset . It helps you to see the world in different point of view about life . If you aids you to tackle in every problem.

Nothing can achieve with a negative mindset . Till now, how many breakthroughs humankind has made with the help of positive attitude. Science has made world a global village . some of the great invention alike light bulb discovered by Thomas Edison with positive mindset , which change the world completely . edition just had a vision with a mindset , which he combined and what we got , which we can see easily , today whole world availing his invention .

Even, the nicole tesla made AC motors , he changed the world permanently. he worked on his ideas with his mindset and changed the worlds , without his invention maybe humankind could not have reached here .

A mindset doesn’t only changed the earth, even its changed our perceptions throughout the space as general theory of relativity & special theory of relativity by einstein. With the help of his mindset we are able to know about space and make new theories . we can now know about the black holes, exoplanets, galaxies, stars and other so many amazing things about cosmos .

Even , the humankind has reached the moon with the help of positive mindset with 4 KB ram computer. I think this just amazing . This shows us , if we have positive mindset we can tackle any problem and our problems are not that much big , how much we give value to them ..

Nothing feels better than Home

Nothing Feels better than home

In this era , science has discovered galaxies, Exoplanets, even they are preparing to colonize on other planets , but I think nothing can better than home ( earth ) . we can just imagine , how many living species it has , how many types of plants species . We can not compare beauty of our planet with any other planet .

Even , how much human intelligence has developed by ages . we are so much capable of thinking as compare to any other living species . we are able to understanding the cosmos alike big bang , black holes , galaxies, stars , so many other things, and that level of intelligence we got naturally . maybe we are luckiest ones .

Atmosphere of our planet is also not less than a wonder. There is so much balance in gases as nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide . Even if there were a small change in the atmosphere, could have made our planet inhabitable for life . But luckily, we are here . there is adequate amount of oxygen , plants which support life .

Zone of our planet , Its also not less than a miracle that our planet in habitable zone , because if it was not, Earth wouldn’t have abled to support living species as it was to far then earth atmosphere would be too cold as Pluto and it was too close then its atmosphere would be too hot , both are same terrifying.

Beauty of our planet is amazing , there are so many places to see , variation in wethers , colors of flowers , Millions of living species , so many other things , But we should concerne about the green house effect on out planet .

Nowadays, we are emitting the so much carbon dioxide in atmosphere . We can not even say earth would be capable for life in next hundred years . We have come so far millions of years , however due to green house effect we can’t predict our hundred years , we are destroying our atmosphere without our thinking that what we are giving to our next generation

I am not saying nobody Is trying to save our planet ,there are so much things we are trying like we are bringing electric cars , we are trying to implement solar cities , even we are trying to built natural cities , this is great . However , there are so much emotion of green house gases, people have to make more efforts for our HOME .

We all are prisoners

No matter how much science has developed , But still we are not able to escape our solar system

In this era, science has crossed new boundaries . New breakthroughs of science made world a global village . nowadays , it’s very easy to change the cities & places.

However, No matter how much science has developed, still now we are not able to escape our solar system . we came to know about big bang .. We have discovered uncountable galaxies & stars . In only our milky way galaxy has 100 billions of stars . we can just imagine , how much exoplanets they have , just imagine how much stars will have extraterrestrial life , how would they look like , which types of plants they would have ., which types of atmosphere they will have . It really thrills us . Just only looking onto the stars we would not be able to properly understand them .

Humankind breakthroughs has been changing the world, however we can’t even escape the our solar system. till now , man made object Voger 1 Is 147.380 AU from earth , this Is how much we reached now .

pale blue dot ( Picture has been taken from voger 1 )

In this picture there Is blue dot , which is our home ( Earth ) . To whom you know , To whom you love , all of things are just in this blue dot . At that level we find that, how small our problems are , how small our desires are , how small our pride is. Just think of that .. It really gives us new perceptions .

However, new breakthroughs of science alike Hubble telescope gave us new vision of observable universe . Now we are not able to go there , but we are able to observe so many things alike big bang , new galaxies , collisions of stars , even black holes .

Sooner , NASA’s new telescope ( James webb telescope ) will show us new boundaries of space . It will be launched March 2021 , perhaps with the help of if , we would be able to see starting galaxies and stars , which formed after big bang , even maybe new boundries of space.

About Personal

Write something is the best way to connect the people , it helps to create a global village

. I really like to write and connect to the people throughout the world. I like the way of thinking of masses . how their perceptions about life and world. Their way of thinking of thinking of their ideas .

1. personally , I think our perceptions are most crucial because our mostly thoughts depend on them . We can’t think above something which we can’t see. If populace can do just small change in their perceptions . It can change their life forever . I have experienced it , personally!! . Our most of the action depends on our thought . So, don’t think something would amazing gonna happen to you . If you want to change best way I found it Is create it..

2. People are prisoners their thoughts . they have made invisible boundaries in their mind . I find really funny , when somebody says I can’t do it . How they look towards about their problem . I have found , that there is only one problem throughout the world in people mind .. !! A just small change in perception can change their life .

3. Do the things , which make you happy .

Creativity is not something you have , creativity is something you do . !!

Focus is not something you have , Focous is something you do ..

Do that things which really thrills you . Create the habbit of thinking only what you want .

4. One time , I read somewhere that what will you do if today is your last day . Thus , I ask everyday to myself , what I am about to do if today is my last day . personally , I felt that line , It really aids to clear alot of things give me a new vision. undeniably, I will not spend my last hours just watching my favorite episodes . Probably, i will not waste my time regret on your past mistakes and which things I can’t change . I will not depressed about thinking , what I don’t have instead of it I just taken into account what I have ,which things matters to me . It really empty your mind . You will find some new ways of things. From this way you will find that how small your problems Is . Today’s world full of problems , we really need new ideas & solutions .

Live your each day as your last day .

5. If you live your each day as your last .may be it will change your perception. Quantity of time does not matter , Quality of time Matters . Quantity of words does not matter , Quality of words matters .


nowadays, we have been seeing new breakthroughs in space, which humankind made that really thrill us , but actually so far , we did not go Too far how much we think…..

voger 1

So far , voger 1 is the only breakthrough of humankind , which reached so far into the space. However it will take thousands of years for getting out from our solar system . Our nearest star Alpha Centauri Aapproximately, 4.4 Light years from us . This distance is not seemed to astonish us but actually voger 1 will take more than 70 thousands of years to reach there … This is how small we reach till now.. However This is not the end..